• Manufacture, Supply & Installation of Chemical Earthing System (As per IS: 3043-1987 Standards).
  • Supply & Installation of Conventional Franklin Rod Type Lightning Arresters over roof top of buildings/Structures.
  • Supply & installation of Latest technology & Highly Efficient, ESE Type Lightning Arresters (Currently Imported to India) over roof top of buildings/Structures.
  • Supply & installation of Surge Arresters to protect Electrical Circuits, Equipment & Machinery as well as IT related Servers & Microprocessor Based Sensitive Chips from the effect of indirect Lightning & Switching.
  • Ohmic Value Measurement (Testing) of Existing Earth Pits.
  • Recharging (Revamping) of Existing Earth Pits whose Ohmic Value has exceeded the safe limits

  • Supply & Installation of Distribution Transformers (Up to 200KVA), Domestic Isolation Transformers, Auto Transformers, Induction Motors (Single & Three Phase) with Starters, Motor Protection Devices (Microprocessor Based), etc.

  • Supply of our own High Quality, Non-Corrosive CSIR-IMMT Tested & Certified 'CELMAX' Backfill Compound (Powder) as an alternate of Salt-Charcoal-Sand for making of Earth Pits.

  • Supply & installation of other Electrical Equipment & accessories for up to 132 KV Sub Stations (Including Works).